3D Artist — Berlin
Franklin Ponce

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3D Artist — Berlin, Franklin Ponce

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My Skills & Programs

Key: _____ = skill required by position, _____ = skill not required by position
Skills Programs Positions
Character Artist Environment & Prop Artist Visual Effects Artist Generalist Concept Artist Technical Artist User Interface Artist Animator
Modeling ZBrush, 3D Coat, Headus UVLayout, 3D Studio Max
Rigging & Skinning Maya, Muscle Facial Animation, focus on character
Texturing Substance Designer & Painter, The Foundry Mari
Visual Effects Maya Nucleus (nHair, nParticles, nCloth), Paint Effects, Fluid, Xgen Node based shaders, different types of effects, fluid simulation
Lighting Arnold, V-Ray, Mental Ray
Concept, color, value, perspective, composition Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Corel Painter Exteriors and Interiors, storytelling through composition Inspire, consistent proportions, multiple angles, quick sketching, full renders Pixel & vector art
real-time Unity, C#
User Interface CSS, HTML, jQuery, Adobe Dreamweaver
Compositing & Post-Production The Foundry Nuke, Adobe After Effects, Premiere
Management MS Project, Office, Open Office
Operative Systems Windows, Linux, Macintosh

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